Reactive Diluent

Reactive diluents are substances which reduce the viscosity of a lacquer for processing and become part of the lacquer during its subsequent curing via copolymerization. Reactive diluents used are low-viscosity, mono-, bi- or polyfunctional monomers or oligomers.


As reactive diluents are used for improving consistency of paints & coatings and adhesives & sealants, they are in high demand across a multitude of sectors including building & construction, automotive, electronics among others.

Grade EEW(g/eq) Viscosity (cps@25℃) Color (G,max.) Characteristics/Use
FAMD108 275-300 5-20 30*1 Aliphatic glycidyl ether
FAMBGE 145-155 1-5 30*1 Butyl glycidyl ether