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Description :
EDIPOX Resin 828 is a liquid epoxy resin in nondiluted form produced from Bisphenol A and Epichlorohydrin having bifunctional characteristics. when cured, Its is found to be excellent for mechanical strength, adhesive strength and and chemical resistance, and dielectric properties. Due to its versatile behavior on curing, it is used as standard resin for diversified applications.

Applications :
1. Coatings
2. Tooling, moulding
3. Laminating ( FRP pipes, tanks, and other composites)
4. Low VOC coatings
5. Chemical resistance storage vessels
6. Flooring and Grouting
7. Encapsulation
8. Adhesives

Product Specifications :

Test method
Appearance AIM visual Liquid
Color ASTM D1544 Gardner Max 1
Viscosity@25°C ASTM D445 cps 11000 - 15000
Density ASTM D1475 g/ml 1.16 to 1.18
Non Volatile Contents ASTM D1259 % >99.8
EEW ASTM D1652 g/eq 185 – 192

Packing :

30 kgs net or 220 kgs in Cans/Drums.

Handling & Storage :
Product qualities are guaranteed for 01 year from manufacturing, if stored in cool (not more than 30°C), dry place, away from direct sunshine. To avoid contamination, keep original packing tightly closed, if not used all quantity at one time.

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