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Description :
ADIPON 101-X-75 is a 75 percent solids solution of an ADIKOTE 101 type standard Epoxy Resin derived from Bisphenol-A and Epichrolohydrin in xylene.

Applications :
It can be formulated to have excellent chemical resistance and adhesion, industrial maintenance coatings including clears, primers, masonry surfacers, and gloss and semigloss enamels. ADIKOTE 101 can be available in solutions with other solvents also.

Product Specifications :

Appearance visual Viscous Liquid
Color Gardner-Holt 3
Non Volatiles % 74 – 76
Viscosity Gardner Z3 – Z6
Density g/ml 1.065 – 1.075
Molecular Weight (Approx: Mn, NV) Number 880-900
EEW (based on NV) g/eq 400 – 500

Packing :

30kg Can or 200 Kg Drum (Net weight).

Handling & Storage :
Product qualities are guaranteed for 01 year from manufacturing, if stored in cool (not more than 30°C), dry place, away from direct sunshine. To avoid contamination, keep original packing tightly closed, if not used all quantity.

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