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Description :
EDIKOTE Resin 104 is a medium molecular weight, solid epoxy resin produced from Bisphenol A and Epichlorohydrin.

Applications :
The resin is basically designed for use in Powder coatings. Among other uses is production of epoxy Polyesters.

Product Specifications :

Test method
Appearance AIM visual Grannuales
Color AIM visual Pale Yellow
Softening Point AIM °C 90 – 105
Density ASTM D1475 g/ml 1.18
Non Volatile Contents ASTM D1259 % >99.8
Molecular Weight (Approx: Mn) AIM Number 1450
EEW ASTM D1652 g/eq 720 – 900

Packing :

25 kgs net in HDPE bags.

Handling & Storage :
Product qualities are guaranteed for 01 year from manufacturing, if stored in cool (not more than 30°C), dry place, away from direct sunshine. To avoid contamination, keep original bags tightly closed, if not used all quantity.

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