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Description :
EDIKOTE Resin 101 is a solid epoxy resin produced from Bisphenol A and Epichlorohydrin with low softening point in uncured condition. On cured, Its is found to be excellent for mechanical strength, adhesive strength and and chemical resistance.The resin is available in solution also. Solution Grade has its own Datasheet.

Applications :
This product is recommended for Industrial coating primer. Top coating and construction and civil work application.

Product Specifications :

Test method
Appearance AIM visual Grannuales / Monoblock Slab
Color AIM visual Pale Yellow
Softening Point AIM °C 65 - 75
Density ASTM D1475 g/ml 1.16 to 1.2
Non Volatile Contents ASTM D1259 % >99.8
Molecular Weight (Approx: Mn) AIM Number 880-900
EEW ASTM D1652 g/eq 450 - 500

Packing :

25 kgs net in HDPE bags.

Handling & Storage :
Product qualities are guaranteed for 01 year from manufacturing, if stored in cool (not more than 30°C), dry place, away from direct sunshine. To avoid contamination, keep original bags tightly closed, if not used all quantity.

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