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The plant started its production in November, 2012. The plant is supplied by a foreign firm, while the technology is European origin. This plant is purpose built, and well equipped for producing quality Epoxy Resins of various grades viz:

1. DGEBA based Solid Epoxy Resins for various uses including Powder coatings.
2. DGEBA based solid Epoxy Resin in solution.
3. DGEBA based Liquid Epoxy Resins for numerous applications.

Todate the plant is regularly producing Solid Grades of EEW from 450 upto 800. TDS of some of them are attached. Production of Liquid Grades will be started from April, 2013. The first grade to be produced will be the LER used at most i.e EEW 182 – 192, while the other grades will also be produced per program.
FAMSA POLYMERS INDUSTRY has been started as a mission to excel in the field of Epoxies. Hence in the second phase, we will move towards the NOVOLACS and modified epoxies for different uses.
The third phase will be to start producing curing agents and reactive diluents.
Our present start is from scratch, and our journey will be a never ending travel to the peak of our field. To get it materialized, we are under negotiations with some reputable entities of International Epoxy field. At proper time, we will put in front of our patrons/partners i.e you—our valuable clients!
To sustain in the field, we have hired well qualified staff, having due experience and excel in this field.
This will be first plant in the country to produce LERs, and some grades of SERs also. One of the benefits for our customers will be now free from keeping a big inventory of imported Epoxy products. Your needed product of required grade will be available at your doorstep in return of a telephone call or formal written order. But the major benefit will be CUSTOMIZED / TAILOR MADE PRODUCTS. It means that if for your particular use, you need a deviation from a parameter i.e Viscosity / EEW etc; it can be provided through efforts of our R & D staff, and our flexible production system.
Like other responsible and reliable suppliers, the manufacturing Facility has a Laboratory, very well equipped with most modern and sophisticated instruments for testing polymers as per international standards. The facility has also a very well equipped Laboratory scale automatic Plant and other facilities needed for efficient R & D, and De bottlenecking of chemical Processing. The facility also has a very efficient Quality Management system in place. All of the products passed through strict QC / QA system till final approval for sale.
As a proactive and forward thinking organization, we have chalked out a vision for the year 2020 as:


We strive to become the market leader in terms of producing world class superior quality and defect free Epoxy Polymers, following the Safe Operating principals, and saving our coming generations through environmentally friendly Operations.

We hope that your esteemed organization will cooperate with us as a customer, in our above mentioned effort. This will sure a service to our country to make it self reliant.

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